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Udon Noodles - $48.68

These Udon noodles ship dried but when you put them in boiling water, they quickly transform into thick and springy pillows. Their thick texture makes them perfect for hearty meals, and can be served hot or cold.

If you are looking for a thick and cushiony canvas for your delicious Asian inspired sauces, Udon noodles are a perfect choice. Although these thick and springy wheat noodles are most popular in Japanese cuisine, they also have a place in other Asian cultures like Korean.

These noodles arrive to you dried, but once they come in contact with boiling water, they immediately begin to soak up the liquid and expand. The mouth feel of an Udon noodle is unlike anything else. They are soft and doughy like gnocchi, but long and slurpable like spaghetti. Unlike some pasta that can be weighed down by a lot of heavy ingredients, Udon noodles are resilient and are actually best when served with big chunky pieces of seafood and a spicy chile pepper sauce. Try adding your Udon to soup, letting the noodles cook in the broth and absorb all of the flavor like a sponge. Your chicken soup experience will never be the same after that. 

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Bonita Flakes - $50.07

Bonita flakes, also called Katsuobushi flakes are a Japanese specialty made from the flesh of dried and fermented Skipjack Tuna. They capture the flavor of ‘unami’ and can be used in countless Japanese dishes.

Bonita Flakes, also called Katsuobushi flakes are a Japanese specialty, made from the flesh of dried and fermented skipjack tuna fish. As the concept of ‘unami’, the fifth flavor is sweeping the culinary world; these little flakes are the perfect embodiment of that phenomenon. They are savory without being too salty and their interesting mouth feel creates a full palate experience.

Bonita Flakes are widely used in Japanese cooking and can be found used in many different ways. Bonita flakes can serve as the flavoring component for soups, broths and sauces; some processed sauces choose to strain the flakes out after they have imparted their flavor, but more rustic preparations leave them in. Bonita flakes are very popular with rice, and can accompany nori as a topping or they can be used as a filling for delicious rice balls. When Bonita Flakes are used to top steaming hot dishes of noodles or protein, the steam gives the flakes the appearance of movement, earning them the nick name, ‘dancing fish flakes’. 

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