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What is the internet?.

At its most basic level the Internet is a global computer of networks, that allows millions of machines to comunicate with each other.The Internet is revoulutionizing the way we comunicate and changing the way we work and play. To help you understand the Internet consider the metaphor of roads. Side roads run through neighbourhoods,linking different parts, linking individual houses togather. These small roads in turn connect to large ones. The internet functions in a similiar manner. Imagine each building as a different computer on the internet with it own function. Government offices,educational institutions etc. The roads are the network connections that link these buildings togather. While the vehicles that travel along them are the data. Data can be sent from one computer to another computer on the internet no matter where they are physically.Get to know the top Internet Gurus Here.:Custom USB Flash Drives with your logo available at TOP MERCHANTS
History of the Internet ARPAnet.In the late 1960s the U.S.Advance Research Projects Agency (ARPA)was commissioned by the U.S.Department of defense to develop an expermental computer network. The goal of this network was to connect togather a number of computers. Each computer from a different company;running a different operating system;and located in a different geographical region too far apart for conventional cabling. Four universities form the initial core of ARPAnet: UCLA, the Stanford Research Institute, UCSB and University of Utah.One machine at each University. By the end of 1969 the computers were successfully communicating with one another. In 1972 ,the first public demonstration of ARPAnet was held at the International Conference on computer Communications(ICCC)in Wsshington D.C. With ARPAnet many of the foundations were laid

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The Birth of the Internet The original ARPAnet charter had spefic stipulations as to what was considered proper usage for it. When groups wanted a computer network for uses outside these guide lines, they simply started forming their own networks. Such as CSNET(Computer and Science Network)and BITNET("Because It's Time" Network)in 1981. During the early years ,these computer networks remain isolated from each other. Because the "highways" linking them had not yet been built. So the concept of internetworking - of connecting seperate computer networks togather into a larger network-was born. This concept of a "network of networks" was called an internetwork, later shortened to internet. After the development of the TCP/IP communication protocol in 1982, these seperate networks started to be connected to one another .Since then several other network were formed. In 1986 the National Science Foundation(NSF)formed the NSFnet. NSFnet formed the basis for what would become the Internet. In 1989, CSNET was dismantled and merged wit BITNET,forming the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking(CREN).The U.S.Government form it's own network such as NASA Science Network(NSN) and the Space Physcis Analysis Network(SPAN).In 1991, the High Performance Computing Act established the National Research and Educational Network(NREN). All the aforementioned networks were intended solely for government ,research or educational use. Commercial and personal use in theory,was forbdiden. A solution to this dillema was found in 1991. Three major internet access providers-AltrNet, CERFnet, and PSInet-formed the Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX,)as an alternative to NSFnet .This opened the floodgates. Hundreds of business, thousands of individual users poured onto the Internet. causing its incredibly rapid growth

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Things to do on the Internet. E-Mail. Electronic mail-usually called e-mail-is the most prevalent use for the Internet. E-Mail is the computer-age equavalent of postal mail:you write message to someone on your computer send it to he or she over the network by 'mailing" it and h/she reads it on his/her computer. You can send the same message to more than one person at a time. It is also possible to send more than just Plain text.Mailigen

Mailing List..A common application for such automated e-mail service is the mailing list. A user sends an e-mail message to a mailing list, which is being run off of a computer somewhere. That message is then sent to all of the users who are a part of that mailing list. Mailing list are usually devoted to a particular topic of interest. and provide an easy means for a group of people to hold discussions. Or you can ---Promote Products via Email - 60 Day Free trial

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TELNET Telnet is one of the oldest applications for the Internet. You use Telnet to open a link between your computer and another. This is call a remote connection.Once you have "teln etted" to another machine, you are able to use that other computer, running programs from a command line in-terface. the average user rarely ,if ever needs to use Telnet. It may still be occasionally necessary. At many educational inst- itutions, students often need to use Telnet to access their personal information.

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FTP File transfer Protocol(FTP) is used to transfer files from one computer to another on the Internet. FTP is an application that has been around many years.
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USENET.Usenet is com- prised of thousand of newsgroups. A Usenet Newsgroup is essentially a discussion forum devoted to a particular topic, newsgroups are usually public. Anyone with access to usenet can read messages in almost any newsgroup. There is a news group for just about every conceivable topic. Every message in a newsgroup is called a posting;a postings author is a poster.Web Conferencing Made Easy. Securely collaborate, present and demonstrate online with GoToMeeting™ A Few Simple Words Can Make Him Yours Forever

Internet Relay Chat.Internet Relay Chat(IRC)has been described as the "CB radio of the Internet. IRC enables you to hold an electronics "conversation"with different people simultaneously. IRC is subdivided into channels, which are akin to different radio frequencies in CB radios. you use an IRC program to join an IRC channel.Now, whenever you or some one elseon that channel types something, everyone participating in that IRC channel can see what you have written and can respond to it as they see fit. Channels or either public(anyone is allowed to join them)private(you can only join if the channel's creator allows you),or invisible(which are private chan- nels that cannot be seen by anyone who is not participating in them. Statistics show that Internet users spend 35-43% of their time online in community environments.
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World Wide Web.The World Wide Web (WWW or simply the Web is the most popular, applications for the Internet today .The Web is basically intended to be a tool for organizing and accessing infor- mation on the Internet, using the concept of hypertext. A hypertext document essentially contains data with links to other hypertext documents, which contain information relevant to the original. hypermedia is the term used to describe hypertext documents that contain more than just text, such as graphics,sound and animation. Web takes the concept of hypertext (and hypermedia)documents and puts it on-line. By the use of a searchbox you can find almost anything you need on the WEB. . Apple Mac, G4, G3, G5, iBook, Apple Cube, iPod, iMac, Powerbook, Mac OS X, and more!

Basic Network Terminology.The basic purpose of any computer network is to allow the computer connected to it - and there users to share resources and comunicate with one another. They can consist of any number of computers, but the basic principles remain the same ,as do there basic components. There must be the computers themselves:the hardware which allows them to comunicate electronically to one another,and the software which allows them to comunicate with one another.Following are descriptions and explanations of some of the infrastructure devices for Ethernet LAN.
Ethernet: The Definitive Guide Ethernet: The Definitive Guide

Clients and Server. There are two basic types of computer on the network:clients and servers. A server is a computer which provides a resource or service to the network,such as allowing users to share printers and files. A client is a computer which make use of a server's resources. A computer can act as both a server and a client in which case it is called a peer. when talking about computers on the Internet ,servers are often called hosts, while clients are often reffered to as terminals. Hasta un 30% de descuento cuando reservas tu hotel con 30 dias de anticipacion! -Web Hosting Services

LANs and WANs.A Local Area Network(LAN)is a network in which all of the networked computers are physically connected. Generally through some sort of cabling. A Wide Area Network(WAN)is a network that covers a much larger geographic Region than a LAN does. Enhance your site with FREE tools like Guest Books, Search Engines, Polls and Top 50s.Following are descriptions and explanations of some of the infrastructure devices for Ethernet LAN.Get more including group video calling wit Skype premium== Acquista qui le cuffie certificate Skype e tanti altri accessori

Hubs,Bridges,Routers,and Gateways.Different data lines, running from different computers,converge and connect to a hub,like roads running to a intersection. Bridges are used to connect similar LAN togather. A Gateway is used to connect a LAN to a minicom- puter or mainframe.A Gateway is also used to connect a LAN and its computers to the Internet.These devices are what allow computers to comunicate with one another in a ntework.
Hubs - Network / USB / Firewire Hubs - Network / USB / Firewire

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Dedicated VS. Dial-up Connections.There are two basic way to connect a computer to a network-and the internet: use either a dedicated or dial-up connection. dedicated connections are ones in which a computer is always connected to a network. A dial-up connection, on the other hand, is a connection made to a network on a when "needed" basis. Most individual users who access the Internet from home use a dial-up connection. Virtual Private Servers for $39.95 a month!

Computer Accounts.Before you can do anything on a network you need to have per- mission from the network's servers to use their resources. to do that you must first have an account on that server, just as you need an account with a telephone company to make use of their services. Always Free Set-Up with Easy CGI Web Hosting

Usernames and Passwords .There are two basic identifiers in an account:the username and the password. Your username (also called a userid)identifies who you are to a computer. On Internet accounts,usernames are usually a single string of text,i.e,no spaces or puntuation, all in lowercase. Your password functions much like a PIN number for your ATM card. It is your sec urtity precation to prevent someone else from accesing your account. You cannot change your username after you have picked it. A password should be something you can remember easily, but also something no one can easily guess. You should regularly change your password as an extra security measure. Passwords are often case-sensitive. Mobile App Design

Login Process.When you try to access your computer account on a server, it is called logging in or logging on. generally, this is what happens when you try to log in to your account:
(1)Your computer contacts the server.
(2)The server ask you for your userid and password.
(3)You type in your username and password.
The server verifies this information, making sure you have an account and the right permission ,then allows you to use it's resources.
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Guest Account.Some servers allowed anyone to connect to them and use their resources as a guest or anonymous accounts. When you connect to them you type "guest" or "anonymous" as your username. You are permitted limited access to its resources. Personalization, metasearch, web directory, and news. Complete portal solution:
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Root Accounts.Most servers have what is known as a root account. A server's administrator uses a root account to allow he or she to access a server and make changes such as adding or deleting accounts or changing a users password. TeamSnap.com – Manage Your Team Sports Online Fast and Free!

Network Performance.Like there real world counterparts, there is a limit to how much "traffic" can travel over network roads. There is a number of factors which affects the speed with which data can be transmitted over networks. FREE Signal Booster with EVERY order at Cellular-Blowout.com!

Bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to how fast data can be transmitted over a particular connection. There is many ways to transmit data and each has its own bandwidth. Each type of networking device is capable of a different transfer rate. Make your PC run like new again with RegCure.

Performance Bottlenecks.Data cannot be transmitted over a network-or the Internet-any faster than the slowest connection in that network that the data must travel.This is called a performance bottleneck. For people who has a dial up connection to the internet their modem is usually the slowest link in their Internet connection. 40% off XoftSpySE

Latency.As connections approach the physical limits of how fast they can transfer data and as servers become burdened with users, the network can become "congested." Latency refers to the delay associated with transferring data over a network it is a reflection of this network "congestion." Latency is caused by more than just the speed of your connection to your network .Latency reflects the workload, the demand for services -being placed on every machine between your computer and the server you are processing.
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Network Connections.There are many ways to connect to a network, each having it's own bandwidth. All forms of electronic transmission-telephone lines, fiber optics,specialised cabling, radio waves, infared etc can be used to network computers togather.

Modems.A modem is the most common comunications device used by Internet users who has a dialup connection. Modem transfer data over analog phone lines. Modem speed is usually rated at kilobits per second(Kbps. The most common modem speeds are 14.4 Kbps, 28.8 Kbps, 33.6 Kbsp and 56 Kbsp.
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ISDN.ISDN meaning Integrated Services digital Network.While using existing telephone wires. ISDN is capable of transmitting data up to 128 Kbsp,ISDN devices can also handle seperate voice and data comunication over the same line.ISDN is not avaible in all areas. Ask your service provider. Free Web Analytics with Standard and Professional Yahoo Stores Plans

T-1 and T-3.. T-1 and T-3 lines are the two most common high speed connections avaible. A Ti line is capable of transmitting 1.544megabits per second(MBPS). A T-3 line can transmit 45 mbsp about 28 times faster than a T-1 line. T-1 Aand T-3 lines are usually only used by businesses or Internet service providers.
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ETHERNET..Ethernet is the most popular type of network connection used in LANs. Standard Ethernet connections can handle data transfers at 10 megabits per second. An updated version of the Ethernet sometimes called Fast Ethernet can handle 100 MBPS transfers. The most common physical connectors used for Ethernet networks are the RJ-11 connectors and the BNC connectors. New Compatible TN-360 (TN360) Combo Pack of 4 Black High Yield Laser Toner Cartridges. Retail Price: $189.98. Our Price: $85.96

BACKBONES.A backbone is a high-speed network connection which links multiple networks together. The term "Backbone" is used to refer to one of the crucial connections that binds the internet together-the "major highways" of the internet.
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